Servicing and Selling
Happy's Equipment now sells and services Toshiba, Muratec, and Lexmark copiers and printers!

About Happy's Equipment

 The "Happy's" office equipment organization began back in 1914 with one person, Mr. Howard D. Happy.  From his hometown of Mayfield, Ky., he traveled western Kentucky, first by train & later in a "Model T" Ford, selling a few office supply items & a remarkable "new" product called....the typewriter!  He later opened his own store in his beloved hometown.  (Our "sister store", in Mayfield, Ky. is still thriving today a "century" later, under the leadership of our good friend, Mr. Howard Cochran).

  Many years later, Mr. C.B. Utley, Jr. accepted a job with Mr. Happy.  He was given a sales territory, a bit further east in Christian, Hopkins & Muhlenberg counties in western Kentucky.  After a few years, he was given the opportunity to open his own Happy's store in Madisonville, Mr. Utley's home town.  A few years later in 1964, Barry Vaughn & Ronnie Vaughn (no relation) began working part time for the Madisonville store, while they were both juniors at Earlington High School.  For the next few years, they both continued to work afternoons, weekends & summers, part-time at Happy's.

  Over the years, Barry & Ronnie were taught much by their former boss, mentor & friend Mr. Utley.  After learning the business "inside & out" from him, they purchased sole ownership of Happy's of Madisonville, Inc. in 1993.  As the years progressed, their business has continued to achieve great success and seen continual growth.


  Happy's Equipment, LLC.  In 2002 Johnnie O’Leary, began working for Happy’s of Madisonville as a copier service technician. He quickly worked his way into the Service Manager position. Since becoming the service manager, Johnnie has been able to implement changes in the service department that have allowed him to develop a relationship of trust and respect with his customers.

  Johnnie had a vision of owning his own business, and learned all he could from Ronnie and Barry, who have both been very instrumental in helping him learn about the company, in his pursuit to one day take over the company.  In 2013, this became a reality for Johnnie, as he created his own company, (Happy’s Equipment, LLC), he then purchased the Happy’s customer base, all of the copiers and contracts, purchased the building next door to Happy’s and went to work creating his own legacy.  Since this time Johnnie, along with service technicians, Jerry Osborne (who started with Happy's in 2010), Dewayne Fulkerson( who started with Happy's Equipment in 2014), and bookkeeper, Terri Crowell, (started with Happy's in 1986, and Happy's Equipment in 2013), have had the opportunity to maintain operations within the Happy's organization for the past 30+ years.  Happy's Equipment is partnered with Toshiba America as an Authorized Dealer for the Toshiba brand copiers, and now partnering with Muratec, Inc., (which is located here in the U.S.A.), since 2015, to carry the full line of Muratec equipment.  Not only is Happy’s Equipment carrying a second line of equipment, they are also opening up a new territory, where they will sell the Muratec line.

  Thanks to their many loyal customers all over the region, they have enjoyed success and they all three continue that "time-tested Happy tradition" of excellence, honesty & integrity that began way back in 1914, with Mr. Howard David Happy.

 None of this, of course, would have been a possibility if not for First, God leading and placing Johnnie at Happy's. God put the best people and influences in Johnnie's life. These people have guided him and helped him along the way on his journey to where he is today. Of these people, is his wife, Stephanie, and his children, Hannah, Emma and Kaylee.  Also, his parents, Tom and Clara O'Leary and his former employers at Happy's, Ronnie and Barry Vaughn. Last but not least, every customer that Johnnie has had the opportunity to meet and work with over the past eleven years. They have all been very wonderful influences in his life.



Meet The Team

Johnnie O'Leary is the owner of Happy's Equipment. He was born in Madisonville, KY, and grew up in Providence, KY.  Leaving Madisonville in 1991, he moved to Evansville, IN where he attended ITT Technical Institute and received an A.A.S. Degree in Electronics Engineering and Technology. Johnnie held several positions in electronics over the next several years.

It was during this time, in 1995, he met his wife, Stephanie and they were married in 1996. In September of the following year, they had their first of three girls, Hannah. From there, the O'Leary's moved to Newburgh, IN where Johnnie worked as a cable install and repair technician for a few years. In 1999, he and his family moved back to Madisonville, KY and he worked at the local Madisonville cable office for the next three years. It was during this time when his wife had their second daughter, Emma, in 2001. In April of 2002, he left the cable office and went to work for Happy's of Madisonville. In April of the following year, the O'Leary's had their last daughter, Kaylee. In 2013 Johnnie founded Happy's Equipment and purchased the service and sales division from Happy's.


Jerry Osborne is married to Jessica Osborne.  They have four children, Jarret, Amber, Gaige and their newest addition Ryleigh. Jerry has been a resident of Madisonville since 1986 with a two-year departure while serving in the U.S. Army. Jerry graduated from Madisonville Community College with an A.A.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology in 2008.  He also completed several courses in computer hardware and software repair.  Jerry started working for Happy's in September 2010.  He is certified in all current Toshiba machines and was awarded the Toshiba Top Tech Award in 2012. 








Dewayne Fulkerson is married to Kristi Fulkerson. They have one child, Khloe. He was raised just outside of Central City, but is now a resident of Madisonville, Kentucky. He is also a lay minister at a local Holiness church. He has worked for Happy's since April 2014. He is certified on all current Toshiba copiers and many Muratec copiers.